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Donations and fundraising

As a charity, donations and fundraising are our financial lifeline. While we endeavour to secure funding from different sources in order to bring planned projects and development to life, at this present time the charity does not have the income stream to help us move things forward.

We need you to spread the awareness and get involved – just the occasional cost of that cup of coffee and a cake will really help us to provide key support for our UK Stickler Syndrome community.

Or, to set up donations that won't cost you a penny, check out the online shopping loyalty donations from over 6,000 UK retailers at:

It is understood that…

  • Approximately 7,000 people, across the UK, have Stickler Syndrome from birth. Most of that 7,000 are not aware that they have it, and are not aware of the risks associated with this.
  • With the average size of a UK family being 2.5 people – it is likely that we have something like 17,500 people in the UK whose lives are affected by Stickler Syndrome. Our vision, going forward, is to provide support and information for that whole community.
  • Every donation to the charity, however small, can help us make a proper start on that vision and build better support, awareness and understanding for us all. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


How to donate

Donate direct to our Stickler Syndrome Charitable Trust account:
Sort code: 30-93-74
Account number: 85510868

You don't need a PayPal account to donate this way.